If you have been invited to attend an appointment the clinic will be expecting you and you are permitted under the lockdown rules to travel as this is considered essential. 


NEWS  26/7/21


  • Due to unwell patients being unable to get through on the practice phones and patients calling in about covid vaccines after the Government have advised not to, our receptionists have been given strict instructions to tell patients that they cannot deal with covid queries. Please do not be offended by this. Patients should be calling NHS 119 with their query or referring to the Government covid website. If 119 refer you back to your GP then you will need to email in your query to


  • Central Surgery are no longer vaccinating first doses and we are only completing vaccinating second doses for those who we gave their first dose to. However, our neighbouring PCN may contact you by text to book in at The Orchard Practice, KT9 1AG. They are using acccuRx to send text invites for patients to book in for the Pfizer vaccine. It is not spam and is approved by NHSE.



  • Patients who are aged under 49 years old and have received a text invite via the NHS app or a letter are recommended to book via the NHS app or phone 119. Pfizer vaccinations can be booked at Orchard Surgery in Chessington. Please click on the attached link to email Pfizer vaccinations to request an appointment. Please do not email or telephone Central Surgery regarding making an appointment for a first Pfizer vaccination or organising your second dose as Orchard Surgery are coordinating ALL Pfizer appointments for our patients. Please be aware it is more likely you will be sent a text invitation rather than telephoned. Here is the link to use to book in at one of the mass vaccinating sites


  • If you are waiting for us to call you for your second dose we will call you from 8 - 12 weeks onwards depending on your age, cohort and delivery of the vaccine. If you are reaching your 9th or 13th week (dependant on JCVI guidance) and we havent yet spoken with you and we vaccinated your first dose of AstraZeneca, please contact us by email to advise us. If you can't make one of our clinics or you need your 2nd dose urgently and cant wait for another Central AstraZeneca clinic, please book in for your second dose at one of the Government's mass sites. 


  • We have not been given any guidance regarding vacinating children. We are still awaiting information from NHSE. Therefore, we cannot book any appointments. We would advise you to keep looking back at this page for further updates. 
  • In individuals aged 18 to 49 years there is an increased risk of hospitalisation in males, those from certain ethnic minority backgrounds, those with a body-mass index (BMI) of 30 or more (obese or morbidly obese), and those experiencing socio-economic deprivation so we reccomend you have a vaccine as soon as possible.



The benefits of vaccination continue to outweigh any risks.

The MHRA’s scientific review of UK reports of extremely rare. The evidence to date does not suggest that the COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca causes venous thromboembolism without a low platelet count.

By 31 March 20.2 million doses of the COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca had been given in the UK meaning the overall risk of these blood clots is approximately 4.4 people in a million who receive the vaccine.

Anyone who did not have these side effects should come forward for their second dose when invited.

Vaccines are the best way to protect people from COVID-19 and have already saved thousands of lives. Everyone should continue to get their vaccination when asked to do so unless specifically advised otherwise.

Read the latest Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) guidance - Latest from MHRA


We are getting increasing calls and emails from patients who have been seen elsewhere asking to be seen at the practice for their second vaccine, or asking to have their vaccine recall date brought forward. Please understand that the list of patients seen for their first appointment has to be mirrored for their second appointment, so we will only have enough vaccines for this list. Therefore you will need to be seen in the same location as your first vaccine, we can only offer second vaccines to patients we booked at The Orchard Practice or at Central Surgery and will decline requests if you were seen elsewhere for your first vaccine. 

PLEASE DO NOT CALL US ABOUT YOUR SECOND VACCINE, WE WILL CONTACT YOU. There are a lot of patients to book in, so it will take us some time to contact everyone.



We are unable to give you a certification of covid vaccination, a vaccination passport or a letter to prove you have been vaccinated against Covid-19. You can however find details of all your vaccinations on the NHS App. Proof of vaccination documents have yet been developed and as such cannot be provided by your GP. As soon as we have further information we will share it with you. Please do not contact the practice about this as our staff resources are needed to roll out the vaccine programme.

You can however, find how to get proof by following this simple YouTube video;

We are aware that in some national newspapers articles were published certain batch numbers for the AstraZeneca that are not accepted in some countries. This is incorrect and the Government have stated that those countries refusing entry for patients vaccinated with these batches have misintepretted the data. We cannot answer your queries relating to this and would advise you to contact NHSE directly on



The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has advised that pregnant women should be offered COVID-19 vaccines. Please email Pfizer vaccinations if you would like to book a Pfizer appointment at Orchard Surgery in Chessington or you can use the NHS app or call 119 for an appointment at PSM Pharmacy for a Pfizer vaccination in Tolworth. 

Pregnant patients are at higher risk of complications if contracting Covid-19 and the Covid vaccine is highly recommended and studies in the USA have shown there are no safety concerns.

JCVI Pregnancy guide to having the Covid-19 vaccine 

Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists - Covid Vaccine Guide in Pregnancy

This is a useful link to information from the British Fertility Society stating that there is no risk



We are extremely fortunate to be one of the first nations to receive the Covid vaccine. We urge our patients to take the opportunity of a free vaccine when we call you. You will be asked a series of health screening questions before you will be given the appointment. 

South West London CCG have also put together a useful guide for the Kingston area: Kingston Covid vaccine programme



We have started rolling out this programme however patients must wait until we call them even if you have heard from other patients that they've had one but you have still not heard from us, you will.  

Initial supplies of the vaccine will be limited, and we have to use what we receive quickly as the vaccine is extremely fragile and can only be used for a number of patients at any one time.  We have to target those at high risk first, which for our programme began with those aged 80 and over. There are challenges in transporting and storing of the vaccine so different arrangements are required for people living in care homes and those who are housebound. All our care homes have now been contacted and a majority of their staff and patients have now been vaccinated by us.

9 GP practices in our area have been asked to work together on delivery of the COVID-19 vaccination programme. We have been instructed that we should deliver the vaccinations at a local ‘hub’, which needs to be large enough to support expected high numbers of patients every day later in the vaccination programme, whilst maintaining social distancing.

Please visit the link below for further information about how the vaccine programme is being rolled out:

Why I have to wait for my Covid-19 vaccine


You will be telephoned any time from 9am Monday to Sunday. We are required to book patients in as soon as we receive a delivery date. If a patient does not pick up our call on the contact number we hold for them, the directive is to move onto calling the next patient on the practice register. If you have not provided us with a mobile number you can update your contact details on your online account or you can email us as soon as possible to as we will try to call both your landline and mobile phone.

We will not leave a voicemail as most calls are being made remotely by a separate team and there is no facility for you to call them back, so please be aware the call may show up as a withheld number.

Please do not call the surgery asking if you missed our call, the practice receptionists will not necessarily know. We will try you again when we receive our next delivery.

Our surgery phone lines must be kept free to take calls for patients who need the services we are offering at our practice.
The Government has stipulated you have to wait to hear from NHSE or your practice.



You will be asked a series of questions. If you have tested positive for Covid in the last 28 days you will have to wait for 28 days to pass since your first day of symptoms or having tested positive before being given an appointment.  If you have a recent INR result, use an epipen or suffer with anaphylaxsis, please on the call, inform the telephone operator.  



We will receive the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine.  It will not be possible to choose which vaccine you receive as we are not in control of the supplies delivered from NHS England. We will advise you when calling what vaccine is on at the clinic.


You require 2 doses of the same vaccine (2 x Pfizer or 2 x AstraZeneca). NHS England and the Joint Committee on Immunisation and Vaccination guidance is for both vaccines to be given at 12 week intervals.  You can read more about this and the vaccination programme in general here:

Covid Vaccine



Due to the storage of the Pfizer vaccine, this will be delivered at the Orchard Practice, Orchard Gardens, Chessington, KT9 1AG which is our designated PCN hub site. Here are the Orchard Practice site details and map Orchard Practice address and map

The K2 bus stops outside.

We understand that this is further for our patients to travel so may be challenging but again we had no other option in the timescales given to find a suitable site that was closer. Regrettably, we cannot offer any transport for you to get there. You will need to organise getting to the site yourself. There is some free on street parking, although it is limited.

Surbiton Health Centre cannot be used for the Pfizer vaccine due to the delivery and storage constraints, however the AstraZeneca vaccine, will be given at Central Surgery, Surbiton Health Centre, Ewell Rd, Surbiton KT6 6EZ.


Q & A's

What do I do if I am housebound?

We are currently vaccinating our housebound patients their second doses. If you have not heard from us already about your first dose, please call the surgery during our operational hours to advise us. You do have to be completely housebound to be vaccinated at home and not that you can't get to Chessington.

Please be careful of anyone impersonating that they have been employed to come and give you a vaccine. It will be given to you by someone from the practice. Do not hand money over to anyone, all Covid vaccines are free on the NHS and you are not required to pay in advance. 

I can't attend my appointment or have become unwell, what do I do?

If you miss your appointment or are unable to attend either of your doses, please contact Central Surgery as soon as possible to re-arrange.  The surgery may not be able to give you another appointment straight away, but will contact you once further appointments are available. If you are cancelling on the day of the covid vaccine clinic and it is outside of the surgery's opening hours you cannot call anyone. You can email although this email inbox is not officially manned at weekends, so it may not be read. 

I am a frontline worker/health worker when will I get vaccinated?

If you are a dentist, school worker or a private health worker you cannot be vaccinated in this present wave. However, you can email us at this stage to update us with your occupation, so we can code your medical record ready for when we get the NHSE directive to invite you. 


I am a carer of a vulnerable person

Please book through one of the vaccine sites.



As this programme is directed by NHSE any concerns or complaints patients may have, we advise that you write directly to NHSE as the surgery nor the hub have any control over the rolling out of the vaccine. Their details can be found in the following link;

NHS England contact us / complaints



We ask that our team are treated with respect. They are working really hard to ensure we get patients booked in as soon as possible to save lives. However, anyone who is found to be offensive or abusive will be removed from the surgery register.


Uber is covering a trip up to £15, for anyone travelling to or or from one of the original seven mass-vaccination centres (T&Cs apply*).

For more information about their campaign please visit their website here



  • We are currently operating a total telephone triage system for our patients which means you must speak to a clinician first. You musn't come to the surgery unless you have been invited in by a member of the Central Team.
  • Please do not come more than 15 minutes before your allocated appointment time. For Track and Trace reasons we cannot allow you in the building before then. 
  • Upon arrival, we will ask you to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds to reduce the risk of infection. The clinician seeing you will have already washed their hands and be dressed in full PPE when they come to collect you from the waiting room. This is to save time in your appointment.
  • For COVID reasons the windows in the waiting room have to remain open so we apologise if it is cold whilst you are waiting.
  • We ask that you keep your children seated with you at all times and restrict them from touching surfaces. 
  • Due to social distancing measures and infection control guidance, you may have to wait longer than normal to be given an appointment to have a blood test or another investigation such as a smear.  
  • You must not visit the practice if you suspect you may have the coronavirus. You need to call 111 or visit the 111 website for guidance.
  • You can visit the NHS Testing and Tracing page to arrange a test if you think you have symptoms.
  • Should require an Isolation Note, you can visit the 111 website to obtain one.


There have been a lot of changes put in place to Keep You Safe when you visit your GP practice in the Kingston.

Watch this short video to see what’s changed, what’s different and how we are trying to #KeepYouSafeSWL



If you require financial guidance during these difficult times there are couple of resources that you can access. Find out more detail by clicking on the links below;

  • Starting or returning to work: The information on this page is for anyone looking for work, anxious about going back to work, or wanting to develop new skills
  • Worried about money: The information on this page is for people who are worried about money, their housing situation or other financial pressures.
  • New to benefits: The information on this page is for people who need help understanding and/or applying for benefits.

More local/national resources and services that you can access

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