FLU SEASON 2020-2021



FLU NEWS- January 2021


Aged 50-64 year olds

We have now received a stock of free flu vaccines from the Government for our patients who are between 50-64 years old. If you would like one, please call the practice during our opening hours after 10.00am or email us at swlccg.centralsurgery@nhs.net

Patients at risk aged under 65 & over 65 year old patients

Below are the qualifying criteria categories that can have this vaccine for free at the surgery:

  • diabetes
  • chronic heart, lung, renal, liver disease or neurological disease
  • a suppressed immune system
  • a permanent household member with a suppressed immune system
  • asthma requiring continuous inhaled steroids, or have had an exacerbation requiring steroid tablets
  • had a stroke or TIA
  • pregnant at any stage of your pregnancy
  • if you are a carer
  • if you are 65 by 31st March 2021
  • Asplenia or dysfunction of spleen
  • Morbidly obese (BMI 40 or over)
  • Live in a long-term residential care home

If you have an egg allergy, please inform the telephonist when speaking with them.

Children aged between 2-3 years on 31st August 2020, will be eligible for the nasal flu vaccine and will be invited by a text or letter. 

Children aged 4-11 years old will be eligible for the nasal flu vaccine as part of the universal programme offered in schools - this will not be provided by the surgery.

Children aged 11-17 years old that fall into an AT RISK category e.g. asthmatic or diabetic, or who have a suppressed immune system, will be eligible for the nasal flu vaccine and will be invited by text or letter to have this in the surgery.

If you are housebound or are currently unable to leave your home, please contact us during opening hours for us to organise someone to come and give you a vaccine. 

The sooner you have the vaccination, the sooner you are protected.